Multan is one of the oldest habitations in Pakistan. The historical narratives of sub-continent have always alluded to this strategically located place, considered important by successive generations. It is a charming place full of traditional ambience and lure of the days gone by.

The city has six gates: Lohari Gate, Pak Gate, Bohar Gate, Delhi Gate, Haram Gate, and Daulat Gate. The old city has narrow colourful bazaars full of local handicrafts and narrow winding lanes.

Multan is widely famous for its spiritual capacities being the home of revered saints and men of God. Their shrines have carved out a special niche in the city attracting a large number of devotees all year round.

One of the foremost scholars of Islam, Shaikh Baha-ud-din Zakaria built his mausoleum in a unique style of architecture of that period.

The mausoleum of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, who was a man of great religious and political influence, has a unique architectural value decorated with rich geometrical patterns, calligraphy, and colourful floral, mosaic and glazed tile work.

The famous mosques of Multan are Wali Mohammad Mosque, Mosque Phulhatt, Baqarabadi Mosque,and Eidgah Mosque.

Multan’s beautiful modern buildings such as Nishtar Medical College, University Campus, Multan Stadium, numerous gardens and places of worship create an attractive blend of devotion and recreation.

Multan is well known for its sweetmeats particularly for its unique recipe used to prepare halwas. Multan is also famous for the quality and variety of mangoes grown there.

Multan produces one of the most intricate and delicate footwear known as Multani Khussa that is very popular wear for bridegrooms.

Multan’s embroidery work of all types is used widely along with thread and ‘Aar’ work costumes for ladies, embroidered clothes cholas or kurtas for men, painted and glazed earthen pottery, Camel skin products, carpets, and lacquered wooden product. These crafts are sold at Bazaar Hussain Agahi, Chowk Bazaar, Bohar Gate, Haram Gate, Delhi Gate, Lohari Gate, and Pak Gate Bazaar.