General Guidelines for stay in the Russian Federation

  • It is advisable to carry your passport with Russian visa, as well as registration confirmation or any proof from a hotel where you stay whenever you go out;
  • 112 - telephone number of emergency response service or 103 — ambulance. Urgent medical help will be provided to everyone regardless of citizenship and health insurance (critical health condition will be stabilized, one day in hospital is provided free of charge);
  • Do learn the Cyrillic alphabet before you go to Russia. Reading street and station names will help you tremendously when trying to figure out where you are;
  • Although Moscow is a big city, it is rather safe. Nevertheless, be vigilant especially when you are in crowded areas;
  • Wherever you go take your passport (or a photocopy, at least). For example, you will need it when you buy a SIM card. You will not be alone as Russian people carry their passports everywhere;
  • Immigration cards that you fill in at the airport or on a plane are one of the most important documents in the Russian territory. It is free of charge, but be careful when filling it out.
  • Do not join or come close to people’s gatherings/rallies/single picketers;
  • Do not donate money for charity;
  • Do not take pictures of governmental buildings and inside the metro. You might be asked to delete the pictures you took;
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited in public places (in the streets, parks, etc.); smoking is allowed at specially designated areas;
  • Do not take unlicensed taxis. Not only will you probably pay an extortionate fee, but they are not an overly secure method of transport.