Emergency Travel Document

Emergency Travel Document (ETD) is issued to the Pakistani nationals for travelling back to Pakistan only in extreme emergency cases when their Pakistani Passport is not available OR they are not eligible for issuance of a new passport / renewal of passport.

The applicant has to submit the proof of genuine emergency for issuance of Emergency Travel Document.

Requirements for Emergency Travel Document Application:

  • Proof of emergency (for example serious illness or death of immediate family member, loss of documents)
  • Application requesting for issuance of ETD.
  • Four recent identical passport size photographs with white background
  • Original Expired Pakistani Passport with its photocopy
  • In case Pakistani passport is lost, copy of Lost Passport with Police Report confirming loss of passport
  • Air ticket booking
  • Valid OR Expired NADRA Card and its photocopy
  • In case applicant is under 18 years old, both parents need to accompany the applicant along with their original identity documents and detailed birth certificate of the minor applicant

Note: After necessary verification from NADRA / Ministry of Interior, ETD will be issued.